A centre of Ambedkarism, by Ambedkarites, for Ambedkarism.

The Monumental Work on the Capital of Movement at Nagpur begins

A land has been purchased at Capital of the Movement, Nagpur to build up a monumental project of “Capital of the Movement of Humanism based on Ambedkarism”.

The purpose of the centre is to prepare Committed and Proficient Ambedkarites under the ‘National Plan To Succeed In Ambedkarism’, to run and make the movement a success at National and International level. The movement would be run under the ‘National Plan’ by AIMBSCS and prepare the Mulnivasi  Bahujan Samaj to succeed in Ambedkarism within a limited time-span.

The World Centre would also function as the Capital from where the affairs of the Movement will be conducted.

Features of the Centre:

The Centre would be designed on the most modern concept with State of the Art Technology and constitute of:

  1. Training facilities for 500 persons at a time.

  2. Auditorium for 1000 persons.

  3. Round Table conference facility for missionary organisational affairs and discussion – dialogue – thinking process between the different organisations and persons at home and abroad, genuinely interested in the movement. It will be a Venue for Ambedkarite Parliament.

  4. Alternative Media House for information explosion.

  5. Knowledge Centre with an on building capacity of Research – Development – Planning and Action. The Knowledge Centre is contemplated to have an inbuilt capacity of 10,00,000 books (also digital) and it is envisaged to be connected on line with the major institutions of the World.

  6. Administrative Head Office connected by IT.

  7. Home for Aged for dependant Ambedkarites.

  8. Art Gallery depicting the history of the Movement.

  9. Guest House.

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