The National Plan To Succeed In Ambedkarism

  1. It is a 30 year plan from 2006 A.D-2036 A.D.
  2. It constitutes of 27 chapters based on the original reference of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar writings and speeches evolving his aims and action plan based on it, for complete destruction of Brahminical social order (bSO) enshrined byShastras and smrities and establishing an ‘Ideal Society’ based on Equality- Liberty-Fraternity-Justice.
  3. It defines Ambedkarism as
  • Ambedkarism is a Movement of Liberation of man in this life, Suffering in the insulted, inhuman, irrational, unscientific, unjust and unequal social order, to establish right relationship between Man and Man (gender neutral) in an ideal Society of Justice-Liberty-Equality-Fraternity based on the new Revolutionary Ideology of Humanism (Manu ski -Manavtawad).
  • Ambedkarism is a philosophy of bringing a Revolutionary change in the Cast-Class-Race-Gender system by the Ideology of Humanism (Manuski-Manatavad) And establishing a New social order which is Just, Equal, Equitable, Scientific, Rational, Humane thereby Liberating Man (GENDER NEUTRAL).
  • Ambedkarism is a philosophy which brings about Social and Cultural Transformation (Total Revolution) upholding Humane and Democratic Principles of Equality-Liberty- Fraternity- Justice keeping the all-round Development of Man (Gender Neutral) as the vision and goal.
  • The Ideology to establish a Humanitarian Order by changing unequal order of Brahmanism is Ambedkarism.
  • The Ideology to create Man in a social order based on Equality- Liberty- Fraternity and Justice is Ambedkarism. In such order all are ensured of equal development and equal opportunity.

4. Ambedkarism Aims: The Blue Struggle is for

  • Establishing the Kingdom of Righteousness on earth that is nothing but Permanent Goodness. Such a reconstruction of society is based on Dhamma.
  • Casteless and Classless society based on Equality-Liberty-Fraternity and Justice in all walks of life.
  • Achieving equality not merely between Man and Man but also between Man and Women.
  • Annihilation of Brahmanism not only as a philosophy but also as a social order.
  • Constitutional Democracy Social and Economic Democracy forming the base of Political Democracy.
  • Man as the unit of Constitution.
  • Achieving the soul of Democracy i.e 1 man 1 value by Constitutional Law.
  • Economic Equality not only amongst individual but between group of people i.e. Classes by Constitutional Law.
  • Guaranteeing safeguards of reservation, self-rule to the disadvantage SC/ST/OBC by Constitutional remedy.
  • A Scientific, rational and humane culture of society -i.e. a New outlook towards men and things.
  • Becoming a governing class for Humanism.
  • The reconstruction of National societies and International order on rational, scientific, equitable and egalitarian basis.
  • Liberating the Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj and Women from the thralldom of BSO and making them the masters of their own destiny

Ambedkarism is a living ideology. A living  movement. It is like a weapon for us – A weapon of the Movement.

5.    AIMBSCS (All India Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj Central Sangh )

The plan gives birth to a Central Organisation for implementation of the plan and coordinating the overall movements as inspired by the Ideology of Mahatma Jotiba Phooley,Rajarshi Shahu       Maharaj -Iyothee Tassar -Narayan Guru – Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. The organizations of MulnivasiBahujan Samaj which agree to The National Plan will be the AssociateOrganisations [AO] of the Central Sangh. The Non-Bhraminical and Non-Counter revolutionary, progressive organizations can also become [Associate Organisations] under the plan. ” for those who want to  become a part and parcel of the Central Sangh under the National Plan should undergo the process of Deeksha (Oath ceremony of Mission of Ambedkarism), Shiksha(Training for 6-7 days), Pariksha (Evaluation by theory paper & Missionary Marks) & Samiksha (Living the Movement of Ambedkarism). They must become Organisers of AIMBSCS.

6.   The National Plan has decided to make Nagpur as the ‘Capital Of Movement.’ A World Center of Ambedkarism has been therefore planned for it. A land is already purchased for it .and the         Construction of a Training center, Knowledge center, Ambedkarite parliament, and Administrative head office, Auditorium, Old age Home for Missionary Ambedkarites etc.will be taken up in Phases with gracious contributions by the people interested in the movement. Those interested should immediately contact us.

7.   The voice of AIMBSCS will be Bahujan Vision Bulletin. Please visit our website to read online edition.



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