Message to World Humanity by National Organiser, AIMBSCS

Beyond Capitalism & Marxism,

Ambedkarism is a “New Way” for “New World”.

World requires an “Ambedkarian Enlightenment” & “Ambedkarite Revolution” for the reconstruction of ‘Mental & Material World’ and to Make it Happy.

Fellow Humanbeings,

World Humanity shall be celebrating 121th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar – Father of Indian Constitution, Pioneer of Human Rights, Liberator of the insulted & oppressed Bahujans and Greatest Humanitarian Revolutionary of the World. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Ph.D., LLD (Columbia), D.Sc. (London), the Principal Architect of the Indian Constitution is not only a ‘Great & Noble Personality’ of all time Human History but also an ‘Intellectual Visionary & Philosopher’ par excellence, unparalleled in the intellectual history of humankind.

The world history has witnessed the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, info revolution & bio-revolution which has changed the “material world” of Human Society. Human Society has also largely been changed by “Western Enlightenment” viz. Scientific & Secular revolutions, French & Russian Revolutions. Apart from “Western Enlightenment” the “Western World” has also produced ‘globalisation’ – a product of capitalism blended by social Darwinism & Libertarianism.

The ‘Eastern World’ on the other hand also contributed to human history by Chinese revolution. All the above developments in the history of human civilization has changed the “mental & material world” of humankind & mother earth. They were by & large the product of liberalism & Marxism that gave birth to the principles of ‘liberty & equality’. But these revolutions & enlightenment could not abolish the human suffering and end problems of humankind. There is ‘dukkha/sufferings’ in the world even today. The 10 sufferings of World Humankind are casteism, racism, ethnicism, genecism, gender discrimination, economic & environmental exploitation, irreligiousness in religions, cultural & religious conflict and demurgic powers of technosciene.

Similarly the ‘problems’ that the world humanity is facing are population & migration; poverty & inequalities; malnutrition & starvation; infectious & chronic diseases; scarcity of food & water; climate change; depletion of natural resources; financial instability, war & terrorism; all round human development; and a just, humane and democratic world order.

If by ‘revolution’ we mean deconstruction of undesirable principles, values & orders and establishment of desirable principles, values & orders within a limited span of time, neither of the enlightenments & revolutions could establish the principles of E-L-F-J in reality.

Their is a ‘Greater Revolution’ beyond capitalism & Marxism which contributed for the establishment of golden principles of humanity’ viz. Equality, Liberty, Fraternity, Justice and something more… This ‘Greater Revolution’ is Ambedkarism. World requires now an ‘Ambedkarian Enlightenment’ & ‘Ambedkarite Revolution’ to overcome these ‘problems’ and ‘sufferings’ and to make it happy. What it is? How it can happen?

First of all we will have to acknowledge the fact that there is “suffering” in the world and this is due to the ‘class conflict’. It is due to the wrong relationship between man & man (GN). The 3 causes of dukkha are individual, collective & natural/environmental. To end these sufferings the ‘mental & material world’ requires to be reconstructed. For solving the problems of humanity the ‘wrong organisation of society’ must be reconstructed.

This would require the creation of a ‘free social order’ were individual is the ‘end’ and associated life is based on the principles of Equality-Liberty-Fraternity (E-L-F). But the principles of E-L-F must be made real & meaningful.

Liberty to be real or real liberty exists only where exploitation has been annihilated; where no suppression of one class by another exists; where there is no unemployment, no poverty and where a person is free from the fear of losing his job, home or food as a consequence of his action. This requires abolishing of all types of discrimination & deprivations; indignities & oppressions. Equality asserts in ethnical value against all sorts of ‘inequalities’ which is so essential for respect of human personality in a society. Therefore Equality in all walks of life viz., social, political, educational, economic, religious  ought to be established by adequate safeguards/protections. This shall guarantee defacto Equality rather than just a dejure once.

Fraternity i. e fellow-feeling is a sentiment which leads an individual to identify himself with the good of others. It strengthens ‘socialites’ and gives each individual interest in the ‘welfare of others’. Fraternity to be a living force must be what the Buddha said ‘maitree’ i.e. universal love only then it can sustain Equality & Liberty is what Ambedkarism propounds.

At least three decades before John Rawls ‘A Theory of Justice’ Dr. Ambedkar considered that the principle of Justice is a compendious one and includes most of the other principles which have become the foundation of a moral order. He considered the ‘test of Justice’ as a necessary criterion for judging right & wrong in the ‘modern society’ and ‘modern world’. All these ‘golden principles’ of E-L-F-J must be guaranteed by Fundamental Rights & Human Rights as a Constitutional Scheme.

Thus Ambedkarism propounds unique principles of E-L-F-J which are real & meaningful as distinct from the western world view. But to realize them the Democracy has to be political, social, economic, moral & intellectual Democracy. Democracy has to be globalised. A ‘New World Order’ according to Dr. Ambedkar has to be a Democracy without capitalism & communism, where the rule of the People by, the people  and for the People can become a reality without masters & servants, rulers & ruled, privileged & underprivileged,  governing classes & servile classes. The ‘salvation of the world’ cannot be had unless the economic & social organisation of the world and of other societies are based upon the principles of E-L-F-J is what Dr. Ambedkar emphatically felt.

All the above is necessary for the salvation of the world’ but the ultimate remedy is the creation of a ‘New World’ based on universal humanism & morality; reason i.e. science, truth & rationalism; abolition of poverty; E-L-F-J and well being of all living beings in addition to welfare of all human beings. This ‘New World’ must be of new men, new society, new science a new religion. It will be a ‘mental & material world’ of a new enlightenment; the ‘Ambedkarian Enlightenment’.

Man (GN) is the maker of history ! Only humanbeings can be a source of such a humanitarian ‘Ambedkarite Revolution’ guided by ‘Ambedkarian Enlightenment’. All those who are discriminated & oppressed in the world viz. Bahujans, Blacks, Indigenous People, Proletariats, Women must be the ‘torch bearers’ of this enlightenment for the betterment of humanity by reconstructing the ‘mental & material world’. Let us create a ‘New World’ & ‘New Human Order’ which is just, moral, humane & enlightened by Ambedkarism.

This alone will be true celebrations of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Birth Anniversary – the light of the World.

AIMBSCS is committed to do so and call upon all those worthy of humanity to be a part of this Global Movement for the creation of a ‘New World’ by Ambedkarism.

All are welcome to be a part of ‘Dr. Ambedkar Birth Anniversary Celebrations 2012’ at Nagpur, India on 13th, 14th & 15th April.

Jai Bhim ! Jai Bhim Humanity !! Jai PraBuddha World !!!

All India  Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj Central Sangh [AIMBSCS]

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